Am I entitled to Join?

To avail of the Creative Quarter Staff Loyalty Offers you must satisfy these criteria:

1. All employees within the Creative Quarter district are entitled to sign-up to the Creative Quarter Staff Loyalty Scheme.

2. You must work in a business within the Creative Quarter area which is inclusive of the following streets: South William Street, Wicklow Street, Exchequer Street, Clarendon Street, South Great Georges Street, Drury Street, Stephen Street Lwr, Johnsons Court, Chatham Street, Chatham Row, Castlemarket, Fade Street, George’s Street Arcade, Powerscourt Centre, Westbury Mall, Balfe Street, Coppinger Row. The following streets are also included in the scheme although it is noteworthy that they do not form part of the Creative Quarter district: Dame Court, Dame Lane, Andrew Street and Trinity Street.
For more information on the Creative Quarter area please click here.

3. You must register your details here and await verification from DublinTown.

4. DublinTown may contact your manager to confirm that you are a staff member and work within the Creative Quarter.